Amazon is Pondering to Sell Prescription Drugs Online

Amazon is in the last deciding stages of its plan to enter the multi-billion pharmacy sector.

Amazon will be deciding before Thanksgiving whether to enter the business of selling prescribed medicines online or not, this information was gathered from an email viewed by CNBC. If it decides to enter the prescription drug market then it will focus on expanding its senior crews by hiring drug supply chain experts.

Amazon’s intentions of entering any business opportunities are not overnight decisions, it takes proper time and thought before hinting about its inclinations. The prospect of selling prescribed drugs online is tempting, knowing the drug market size. As per analysts, the United States drug market is at $560 million every year.

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Amazon has proper idea about the complexities and technicalities of this business opportunity as per sources.

During the last year, Amazon had been busy consulting different people relating its possible move into the pharmacy sector. It has even increased its hiring for the venture labeled “healthcare”. The research was taken up by the consumables team’s chief Eric French.
It was also reported by CNBC that a few months back Mark Lyons of Premera Blue Cross (a nonprofit health insurance company) was hired as an internal benefit manager to facilitate its employees. There is a potential that the project’s success would decide whether Amazon should launch in Pharmacy sector or not.

Despite the fact Amazon is in the final steps of making a workable plan for the new business, it won’t be parceling the medicines soon to customers’ home. In case even if it goes with the decision of entering the prescription drugs online business it cannot function before the hiring of drugs supply chain professionals. As per some analysts, it will take one or two years’ time before the company announces this new business and even after that it would first focus on uniting with pharmacy benefits manager other than going for medicines supply.

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