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Amazon Launched in Turkey

Amazon Turkey

The US giant retailer and a trillion dollar company is expanding further, Amazon.com has announced on Wednesday that the company has launched its activities in Turkey on Wednesday.

Amazon is offering products in all 15 categories across the country.

This is the first major expansion by Amazon in Asian region which touches the borders of Middle East, Amazon currently operates in almost every continent including Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Oceania except Africa, although Turkey is considered to be the part of Asia it borders with Europe as well, but Amazon was not operating in the country till today.

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The move might later help the company to expand even further to Middle Eastern Countries; however, Amazon’s operations have always been limited to some countries even in Asian countries. China, Japan, India, and Singapore are the only countries where Amazon operates, now Turkey has been added to the list of Asian countries where Amazon operates.

Sam Nicols, the country manager for Amazon said, “We are committed to building our business in Turkey in the coming months by expanding our selection and delivery options.”

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