Amazon Luna introduced the ability to purchase games

Games can now be purchased on Amazon. Using Amazon’s cloud gaming service, you can own the games you play. Luna had relied on a subscription-based business strategy up to this time. where you can access a variety of games by paying a monthly charge. ‘Channels’, the division of games into various tiers, would provide a diversity of games. This method of using Luna to access games won’t be discontinued. Amazon will continue to sell it.

However, there is now the option to purchase games if you would like to have the license in addition to using the Luna service. You’re not entirely mistaken if this reminds you a little bit of how Stadia provided games. But the way Luna does things obviously sounds like a better method.

Games from Amazon Luna can be downloaded for offline playing

As for buying games on Luna, this is currently applying to Ubisoft titles. Which makes sense given that Amazon enabled the capability to link your Ubisoft account so that games you purchased through the Ubisoft Connect app could be linked in December of last year.

With this new modification, you may now play Ubisoft games that you purchase from Luna in the Ubisoft Connect app. It is so accessible in both locations. This is advantageous because, should something bad happen to Luna and it fails, you will still be in possession of the game’s license. And Ubisoft Connect should have access to it. That is how the new feature is described in Amazon’s blog article. Therefore, if the game ever vanished, playing it elsewhere would be essentially hassle-free.

Something can’t be suggested for Stadia as it’s observed via the shutdown process. Amazon didn’t mention the expansion of games to include other publishers.

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