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Amazon Offers Eight Twitch Prime Games For Free

Twitch free games

Amazon tries to animate users with various offers to use Twitch Prime. Now you follow the example of Epic Games and Co. and offer their users free games. As of now, eight titles are available free of charge.

With Prime, there are free games at Twitch again

In the game industry, it has become a widespread practice to make the services and applications palatable to users with regular free additions. In addition to Microsoft and Sony on Xbox Gold and PlayStation Plus and Epic Games in its launcher, Amazon has been using such offers since 2018 to advertise two services: the streaming service Twitch and the multifunctional subscription Prime. If both are linked, free games will be offered. In May and June, as part of this ongoing campaign, there are eight titles that can be added to the library free of charge.

Under the heading “Games with Prime”, the following titles are currently available on the Twitch Prime website and are now available. The action duration is different for some games:

  • Yono and the Celestial Elephants – until May 20th
  • Urban Trial Playground – until June 1st
  • The Little Acre – until June 1st
  • Old School Musical – until May 22nd
  • Avicii Invector – until June 1st
  • Pankapu – until June 1st
  • Fractured Minds – June 1st
  • Snake Pass – until June 1st
Twitch Prime Free Games

In addition to the free games, when you link Amazon with Prime and Twitch, as usual, there are many extras for various titles such as Apex Legends, Doom Eternal, Red Dead Online, and more.

Use with Prime

Twitch Prime is part of the additional offer that Prime users have access to. For this, the two services must be linked. To do this, visit the Twitch Prime page and log in with your Amazon account. All information is also available on the corresponding support page.

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