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Amazon Paid TV Channels To Run False News Propaganda Regarding COVID-19

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No less than 11 local television stations in the United States broadcast a video on TV that seemed to be ordinary news. In reality, it was propaganda material paid for by Amazon.

In recent months, Amazon’s practices have become increasingly controversial. In the first phase, the giant chose to fire employees who protested against the lack of conditions to prevent Covid-19 infections.

This was followed by the closure of all warehouses in France and the cessation of activities when the Paris authorities imposed an ultimatum on the online merchant. They had a choice between shutting down their own warehouses or providing civilized working conditions for their employees so that they would not get coronavirus. The decision was simple.

In an attempt to wash away their public image a bit, Amazon opted for a lie served in a terrifying, fake news way. Eleven local television stations in the United States agreed to broadcast a video that appeared to be part of the news bulletin, without being marked in any way by advertising or advertorial. Although the video in question was narrated by Amazon spokesman Todd Walker, you would have been tempted to think that he is a TV reporter.

In the propaganda clip, Amazon was praised, among other things, for the way it kept its employees healthy and safe during the pandemic. The entire directed clip available below shows you the work in a company warehouse run by Jeff Bezos.

The embarrassing situation came to light when several reporters refused to broadcast that clip and posted online the script received from Amazon. The “news” was accompanied by a very precise speech, with words chosen in such a way that you never realize that we are talking about an advertisement. A TV Anchor at OKC Zach Rael has exposed Amazon’s propaganda in his tweet.

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