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Amazon Prime Membership reduced to £59 in the UK

Amazon has significantly reduced its Prime membership cost in the UK which was £79 earlier, the company has brought down the price to £59 in the UK. If you haven’t grabbed the one on Amazon Prime day, now you can have this opportunity to get the membership for less for the whole year.

Amazon Prime membership can bring you a handful of benefits including the free next day delivery, Prime video and music streaming, amazing and exclusive discounts on a range of products and even live streaming of upcoming US open grand slam, however, it’s not available for everyone.

The discount option is only available for new members, if you have signed up Amazon previously for a monthly contract or any other term then you wouldn’t be able to get this deal at Amazon. The promotion runs until August 30, if you had something in the back of your head to go for Amazon Prime subscription then it is the time to jump in, but it is a bad news for existing customers that they cannot have this nugget in their bucket.

Another way around

If you are really looking for this option and you are an existing Amazon Prime customer then there is also another way around which could be a hassle, you will have to sign up with different email address, have to build you watchlist again from scratch, have different logins for Amazon for shopping and Amazon Prime video services etc.

But the discount is worth hassling, £20 per month discount means saving £240 for the entire one-year membership. However, the discount available is only valid for one year, after one year the membership will be renewed automatically at £79 per year.

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