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Amazon Returns can soon be handed over to DHL without a box

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It will soon be even easier for Amazon customers to process the return of orders that they do not want to keep. For example, in the near future, it will no longer be necessary to have a suitable shipping box at hand. The retail group has now agreed with the Deutsche Post subsidiary DHL that consumers can return the products they want to return to the branches from 10 October.

However, they should not be fully unzipped. The normal factory packaging is sufficient, but an additional cardboard box is not necessary. The portal reports package day citing a message he received from the DHL offices. There, the goods have to be put in paper bags that are kept in stock and collected for a few days. It will then be returned to Amazon. The return is processed via the Amazon website and the QR code is available there for returns – because it is difficult to print a return slip at home and stick it on the unpackaged product.

More money for branches

For the branch operators, who often act independently as franchisees, the renewal naturally means extra work. However, they have to be paid for this by Amazon so that the extra service can be worth it for them too. However, how much more Amazon pays here has not become widely known. The possibility of unpackaged returns is not entirely new.

This option has been around for more than two years if you process the return through the logistics company UPS. However, this only plays a niche role in the area of ​​end customers – the vast majority of consumers still go to a DHL branch to ship their item – either out of habit or because they can almost always be found nearby.

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