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Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor Delays Until January

Amazon Air Quality

Amazon will be delivering the Smart Air Quality Monitor, which was introduced in November, in Europe from January. The group had started the pre-orders earlier and announced that the smart home gadget should be sold from December 8th.

Many had hoped that the new Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor would be delivered from the beginning of December, but nothing has yet to be seen. It looks like the Smart Air Quality Monitor is a little late. Even those who have pre-ordered early will now be supplied from January, it is said.

The new Smart Air Quality Monitor can monitor the air quality in living spaces. To do this, it measures fine dust (PM), carbon monoxide (CO), temperature, humidity, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and uses these five factors to calculate a quality level. As soon as the values ​​deteriorate, you can, for example, use the Alexa app to have a notification sent or an announcement readout on an Echo device. According to Amazon, the new gadget should be good for monitoring the values, for example, to establish better ventilation management – but not to use it as a carbon monoxide alarm or a carbon monoxide detector.

No camera, loudspeaker and microphone

Unlike many other Amazon smart home gadgets, the Air Monitor has no camera, speaker, or microphone. To use voice control, you need an Alexa device or at least the Alexa app on a smartphone. This also applies to the display of the values ​​and setting up the device. The Smart Air Quality Monitor also requires a socket and is connected via a micro USB cable and power supply unit, so the solution is not entirely mobile, even though it is very small. The small air monitor costs 79.99 euros. It is also important to mention here that: Amazon uses 70 percent recycled plastics for this device.