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Amazon Sued over eclipse glasses

Amazon.com is reportedly sued by a couple who purchased eclipse sunglasses from the online retailer, the couple claims that defective pair of glasses has damaged their eyes.

The lawsuit is filed in a federal court of South Carolina on Tuesday evening according to Reuters, Corey Payne, and his fiancée, Kayla Harris said they bought 3-pack of eclipse glasses from Amazon early August in order to view the Solar eclipse which was scheduled to take place on August 21 in the United States.

According to the lawsuit filed, the couple started to experience eye watering and headaches later the same day they watched solar eclipse wearing glasses. The following days they gradually developed vision impairment, blurry and distorted vision.

When contacted, Amazon did not respond to the request for commenting on the lawsuit.

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The couple also claims that they were wearing glasses all the time during the eclipse and did not try to look into the sky with naked eyes.

Amazon said it started to recall the eclipse glasses after August 10 which were potentially hazardous by emailing customers, the glasses that could not be verified from reputed vendors were asked for recall, however, Amazon didn’t unveil the scale of this recall.

On the other hand, Payne and Harris said they did not receive any notice of recall, they are also seeking alliance from other customers who did not receive any warning from the company and suffered from similar conditions due to company’s negligence.

Experts warned the public to stay cautious from the counterfeit glasses flooding to the United States ahead of the event. While no data is available on the total number of potentially hazardous glasses circulating in the United States.

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