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AMD and Intel making exciting corporate acquisitions

Given the high dynamism in the semiconductor market, both Intel and AMD are aware that they will face difficulties if they continue to focus primarily on their traditional business areas. So the companies kept buying. AMD can show the biggest deal. The relatively small company has now announced that the acquisition of the Xilinx company has been completed. This is currently the largest manufacturer of so-called field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), which are freely programmable processors that can be optimized by the user for various calculations.

AMD can thus create a third mainstay: In addition to CPUs and GPUs, which were added through the purchase of ATIs in 2006, FPGAs will be offered in the future, making the whole group a little more independent of individual chip classes. After all, the purchase of the company will cost 60 billion dollars. This is a takeover AMD couldn’t even have made a while ago. But since the company has been resurrected with the new Zen architecture, it has grown significantly and can once again decisively strengthen its own business.

Intel strikes too

The much financially stronger competitor Intel is taking it a bit more slowly. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal the Israeli chipmaker Tower Semiconductor. The acquisition would cost $6 billion. However, there is no official confirmation of this yet. Tower Semiconductor is primarily a foundry, that is, a contract manufacturer for chips. The company operates several manufacturing facilities in Israel. A specialty is the manufacture of analog components, such as those used in loudspeakers, microphones, and radio technology.


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