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AMD next-gen chips could be delayed because of DDR5 Pricing


The chip crisis is running like a chain reaction through the industry. AMD has now announced that the launch of APUs for the new AM5 desktop socket will probably also depend on external factors. If the prices for DDR5 memory don’t go down, there could be delays.

Poor availability and high demand are currently driving the prices for DDR5 RAM to absurd heights – on eBay and similar platforms, thousands of euros are being called for the modules. To avoid the disappointment of its customers, AMD is already issuing a cautious warning regarding the next-gen socket AM5 and upcoming chips such as the Ryzen 6000 ‘Rembrandt’ APUs for the desktop.

As Tom hardware reported, the AMD manager David McAfee said in a conversation. “One of the dynamics that we think about a lot is how and when do we roll out the AM5 ecosystem and ensure that DDR5 offerings and pricing for DDR5 memory are fully developed and easily available to the end-user,” says McAfee. This is followed by a sentence by the important AMD employee that can be described as a cautious announcement of a delay without much interpretation: “It may well be that factors other than the product itself delay or delay the introduction of APUs in the AM5 socket impede.”

For Enthusiasts In The Beginning

McAfee goes on to explain that on the basis of current developments, his company is already expecting that the start of the AM5 ecosystem will be “an introduction that is initially aimed at enthusiasts.” One of the reasons for this is that AMD is already using DDR5 with the ‘Rembrandt’ APUs, so customers will probably not be able to switch to DDR4 on the desktop either.


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