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Android 10 Based Entry-Level Go Edition Is Now Available


Some time ago, entry-level to use the latest Android system was a dream and big selling point for the company because it was limited and the hardware capabilities were also limited. However, Android 10 based entry-level Go edition is now available for the machines with limited hardware capabilities that can efficiently run the latest android system.

Google has launched the Android Go Edition in December 2017, to keep the market of low-end smartphones intact, the software provided handsome adaptation to the entry-level devices. Google has now launched Android 10 based Entry-level Go edition which is based on the latest Android system

According to Engadget, the new version of Android 10 Go Edition provides more speed and security to low-end devices.

All about Android 10

Google said that the new Android 10 Go edition will reduce the app sizes and improve the loading speed of the device providing great user experience with low specifications including less than 1.5 GB RAM.

The latest Android 10 Go Edition will provide dark mode features and latest gesture control mode. Google said it will be 10% faster than the previous version of Android Go.

Additionally, the upgrade supports Adiantum encryption, which is the new form of encryption for entry-level devices. However, Adiantum encryption requires a precise amount of memory support to run it properly, the mobile device should support 1GB RAM and 8GB/16GB internal memory in order to run the software smoothly. Android 10 Go Edition is expected to come pre-installed with entry-level devices next year.

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