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Apple iPhone 12 Will Support 5G and Big Changes in Design


Apple customers might be disappointed again to see that Apple has launched the new iPhone 11 without the 5G support, the company has launched the new iPhone 11 on September 10 which did not receive much appreciation among customers because of hefty price tag and unchanged features.

According to a recent report, Apple iPhone 11 did not pull the crowd to Apple stores as it used to do in the past, however, Apple is waiting for the 5G technology to fully develop and reach customers before it can launch its 5G smartphone in order to maintain the brand name and quality it produces for its customers.

Some researchers have said that 5G technology is not ready yet, most of the 5G smartphones that are already launched in the market get overheated and disconnect after a simple speed test. iPhone 12 in 2020 will support 5G for some better performance but 5G itself will take some more years to reflect the true 5G network.

This is why Apple has been reluctant to join the 5G race, Apple has to maintain the quality it produces for its customers, however, Apple is bringing big changes in appearance, design, and connectivity in 2020 for sure.

According to Guo Minghao, a recently known Apple analyst, Apple iPhone 12 will be equipped with 5G support in 2020 and it will feature big changes in appearance. Guo said that “It is expected that during the second half of 2020, the iPhone will employ 5G support, and the metal frame design will change significantly, including more complicated segmentation design, new trenching and injection molding procedures, and assembly with sapphire or glass cover to protect the trench. The injection molding structure has a significant change in design and is similar to the iPhone 4.”

Guo has also said that Apple will launch three models in 2020 which all will support 5G networks, the company will use Qualcomm 5G modems in its smartphones, Apple will use their own baseband with the launch of iPhone in 2022. Apple will test its own baseband products on other devices including Apple watch. After these reports, we might start seeing the new Apple iPhone 12 renders in the coming months which will clarify the picture of changes in design and appearance.