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Android 11 Developer Preview Confirms AirDrop Like File Sharing

Earlier it was reported that Google will use Apple AirDrop like file sharing in Android 11 later it was reported that the company is working on new Android 11 gesture features, now Google is actively working on new file-sharing in Android 11 which is not only an alternative to Android Beam but also Apple AirDrop. At that time, the news was revealed by 9to5Google. New progress has been made on the tool.

Specifically, some developers found evidence of the sharing tool in the Android 11 DP2 Preview Release Notes, and the reference was found in a bug report in the “Known Issues: Android Platform” directory in the comments. Google stated in the literature that there will be differences in the user interface when sharing files with two Pixel 4 devices. The UI on the receiving device shows that the file sharing activity failed, but in fact, the sharing operation was successfully completed.

Just in this note, “Fast Share” appears which obviously implies that this tool will indeed exist.

At the same time, 9to5Google speculates that this feature should not only be supported in Android 11, but earlier versions of Android may also be supported, but in specific cases, it will have to wait for Google’s official announcement of related news.

According to previous reports, the Fast Share file sharing tool allows “sharing with nearby devices without the Internet,” just like Android Beam. The service uses Bluetooth to initiate a handshake and then transfer files over a direct Wi-Fi connection instead of NFC, which enables it to transfer larger files faster than Android Beam.