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Android 11 DP3 Adds New Sensitivity Features For Gesture Navigation

Google was modifying Android 10’s full-screen gesture navigation all the way up to release, and we certainly might make the case that there were still unresolved problems — users still always have to go back when they are trying to open the side menu of a device. Fortunately, Android 11’s third Developer Preview has a very useful upgrade.

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Android 11 DP3 provides extended sensitivity settings for full-screen gesture navigation, enabling app owners to configure how quickly either side of the screen can enable the back gesture. There was only one sensitivity slider on Android 10 which equally affected both sides of the device. In the first Developer Preview, the latest options were available, but until now they were non-functional and could only be accessed with ADB or an activity launcher.

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Although full-screen navigation is still not ideal (many still use the three-button navigation bar whenever possible), it’s good to see Google keep making incremental improvements.

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