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Android 12 New Splash Screens Feature Would Improve The User Experience

Splash Screens

As Android 12 is about to transition from the developer preview 3 which was out yesterday to the public beta, we found that its biggest experience improvement for ordinary users may be the application launch interface. Over the years, developers have become accustomed to Splash Screens, which are the basis for app design. However, as Google is committed to improving the App launching experience, the follow-up Android 12 mobile operating system will bring a lighter and more consistent experience by default.

When opening any App on Android 12, the user will see a brand new application splash screen. First, display the default icon of the App, and then transition to the default main interface. On this basis, Google also provides a certain degree of customization options for displaying a unique brand image.

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For developers, the new splash screen allows them to control the background colour, customize the icon, or replace the default (static) launcher icon with animation. And control the light/dark theme mode, the time of the startup screen (to a certain extent), and manage the exit animation, so as to create a more immersive application startup experience.

Interested friends can download the latest developer preview version (Android 12 DP3), or wait patiently for the first public beta version (Android 12 Public Beta 1) next month.