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Android 12 To Have Trash Bin Feature

Android 12

What has been standard in the world of computer operating systems for decades could also find its way into Google’s mobile OS with the upcoming Android version 12. The developer preview shows signs of a user-accessible recycle bin function.

A Trash bin appears in the settings Of Android 12

So far, Android does not have an accessible recycle bin in which data can be managed before it is permanently deleted. However, the group has been making efforts to make such a function accessible to users for some time. With Android 10, “Scoped Storage” had put the entire storage system on a new basis. With Android 11, a hidden recycle bin for photos and videos was implemented. Instead of direct access by users, only collaboration with apps with editing access is provided here. Now there are signs that you want to take the next step with Android 12.

During an examination of the two available developer previews and the related frameworks and system apps, XDA Developers discovers indications that Google is making the previously hidden recycle bin function accessible to users with the next version of its operating system. The company currently intends to place the corresponding entry in the storage settings. XDA employee Zachary Wander was only able to unearth dialogues that refer to the “trash can”.

The experts currently expect that access to the full range of functions that the change entails can be expected with an update of the Files by Google app – there were initial indications of a more closely interlinked recycle bin at the end of last year.

However, there are already indications that Google will not ensure uniform behavior in Android here: Developers must use the MediaStore API to be able to move data to the recycle bin, but in principle, it is still open to them how they want to delete it handle data. Displaying and restoring all deleted files in an easily accessible location will probably remain an unfulfilled wish even with Android 12.

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