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Android 13 Feature Keeps Your Private Data Safe

The Android 13 clipboard is automatically cleared after an hour to prevent apps on your smartphone from accessing your private data.

The final version of Android 13 is now available and with it, they have revealed each and every one of the details that it hides in the new version of Google’s mobile operating system. Thus, after revealing the 6 settings that you must activate after updating your mobile to this new version, now, thanks to the specialized medium 9to5Google we can also confirm that Android 13 has a new feature that keeps your private data safe. Android 13 includes a new feature that protects your privacy.

Android 13 includes an automatic clipboard clearing system

In your corporate blog post in which it announced the arrival of the new version of Android, Google explained that, as of Android 13, the clipboard of the smartphone will be deleted automatically after a certain period of time in order to prevent third-party applications can access your personal data.

Prevent any unwanted access to your clipboard. If you copy sensitive data like your email address, phone number, or login credentials to your device, Android will automatically clear the clipboard history after a period of time.

Dylan Roussel, Android developer and contributor to 9to5Google, did some more research on this new feature and found that in Android 13 the clipboard is automatically cleared every hour or more specifically every 3,600,000 ms.

This is a really useful feature if you often copy private data to your smartphone like your email address, your phone number, or your login details in any service because thanks to this new feature all this data will disappear from the clipboard after an hour. How to install Android 13 on a compatible mobile It should be noted that this functionality was already available in Gboard, the Google keyboard, but, thanks to Android 13, this automatic clipboard cleaning will also be compatible with any other android keyboard app.

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