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Android 13 has dynamic themes, smarter colors, new notifications


What began with Android 12 is now even more colorful with Android 13: The latest offshoot of Google OS will significantly expand the dynamic color system of its predecessor. In addition, Google is also working on the notifications. Now there are first impressions.

Android 13 to expand the dynamic color system

With Android 12, Google placed a great focus on the individual adaptability of the system. One of the highlights: On the basis of the wallpaper, the system can dynamically adapt the entire color palette of many interface elements – a function that will initially be limited to pixel models, but will be implemented by other manufacturers. Androidpolice is now thanks to a look at how Android 13 wants to spin this idea further. Google will significantly expand its wallpaper-based theme system.

Accordingly, in a current build, the developers are trying to give users of dynamic colors even more choice. The idea: After the system has calculated the appropriate accent colors from the wallpaper, the user can determine how colorful the user interface should actually be. So far, Google has created four new color combinations in Android 13 for this purpose. Corresponding references to four names can be found in the code:

  • TONAL_SPOT: The current standard colors
  • VIBRANT: Similar palette to TONAL_SPOT with additional accents
  • EXPRESSIVE: A wider range of colors. “Matching” colors are added to the palette calculated from the background
  • SPRITZ: A muted, almost monochrome theme

Android 12 had already offered a style selection, with which only the basic basic color could be adjusted. The currently available images show that Android 13 is a much more dynamic system that makes the recognized colors much more usable.

Small preview of notification

Android has been asking for a long time when apps want to access the camera or location for the first time. Android 13 could handle requests for authorization for notifications in a very similar way. Instead of allowing this as standard and enabling subsequent deactivation, the new Google OS could turn the process around. “Notifications could be an opt-in function under Android 13,” according to the analysis of XDA Developers.


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