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Android 14 Beta 3 includes a new charging indicator

The new beta of Android 14 has begun rolling out on supported devices. Reportedly, the Android 14 Beta 3 is now available on Pixel smartphones. it includes several new features. one of these features is the new charging indicator.

Android 14 Beta 3 includes a new charging indicator

Once the updates are installed on your device, a new charging indicator will appear on the Pixel phone. it is shown on the top-right corner of the smartphone. It utilizes a similar style that Google adopts for phone calls. It is basically a status indicator. It appears as soon as a device is put on charge.

With the new charging indicator, the percentage of the battery will appear irrespective of the fact that the user has enabled it or not for the status bar.  Well, it only appears for a few seconds to notify users that the phone is charging alongside a charging status. It goes away within a couple of seconds.

Android 14 attained the stability level

As many of you are aware, Android 14 reached the platform stability level with Android 13 Beta 3. Google refers to it this way when Beta 3 is released, despite the fact that the program is technically still not completely stable. Given this recent update, the Pixel 7a has joined the list of smartphones that have access to Android 14 Beta Builds.

It indicates that the stable release of Android 14 can be expected anytime sooner. It could perhaps make its appearance by August. Most expectedly, the first device to feature the Android 14 will be the Pixel 8 series. Pixel 8 devices are set to launch in October.

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