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Android 14 might get some stylus-related enhancements for the Pixel Tablet

Android 14 has reached the third beta, and it’s giving us a glimpse of Google’s plan for the future of Android. With new settings to modify the default notes app and a choice to ignore all stylus button pushes, Google is enhancing how the OS handles stylus input with Android 14.

The code to distinguish between the primary button closest to the tip, the secondary button, the tertiary button, and the tail button is included in Android 14, as noticed by Mishaal Rahman. The default note-taking app will open when you press the tail button.

Mishaal also explains that when you attach a stylus to your Android 14 phone or tablet and visit the device details page, you may access certain pen-specific settings. Included in them are a shortcut to alter the “default notes app” and a switch to “ignore all stylus button presses.”

Settings for the Android 14 stylus

It’s encouraging to see Android continue to enhance its support for ecosystem-specific accessories. However, the upgrades must also be viewed considering the rumours that Google’s own Pixel Tablet would ship with a stylus dubbed “Stylus for Pixel Tablet.” Although Google hasn’t officially announced a specific stylus made specifically for their tablet, the Pixel Tablet already supports the USI 2.0 stylus.

Recently, Android 14 received upgrades for hardware keyboards, which are typically used with tablets. Coincidentally, Google was said to be developing an unannounced “keyboard for the Pixel Tablet” as well.

The synchronicity is difficult to overlook, even though it is not stated that these capabilities were specifically created for the Pixel Tablet or have been limited to it. But we are not grumbling.

Google has only released the official case with a metal ring stand and the charging dock for the Pixel Tablet. Given the advancement of these technologies in Android 14, we anticipate Google will shortly disclose the tablet’s keyboard and pen.

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