Android 14 QPR1 brings most demanding feature to Google Pixel Fold

It appears that Google is bringing quite a few features to the Pixel Fold in Android 14’s first QPR1 beta that many of us have been requesting. You may now force apps to launch in alternative aspect ratios, as we’ve already explained. like how Instagram now fills the entire screen. The number of battery cycles is also visible in the settings.

We can now see that Google has added a new choice that is intended especially for the Pixel Fold. Apps on the inner display can now be moved to the outer display. Simply navigate to Settings > Display > Keep using applications on Fold.

You have three choices here. Never, only in games, videos, and other media. Therefore, you can decide to limit this to apps like YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. Or make it compatible with all apps or none. When it is set to Always, the app will open when you close the phone and appear on the exterior display. It’s quite easy to do, and it’s great that Google has added it here. especially considering their resistance to having it at launch.

QPR1 will be a significant upgrade for Pixel Fold users

This shouldn’t be shocking, but it seems like Pixel Fold users are the only ones who are more excited about this first quarterly platform release for Android 14 than everyone else. That was obviously inevitable given that Google now has its own foldable and is not just dependent on Samsung’s user feedback.

With the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Google is still lagging Samsung in this area, but considering that Samsung is on its fifth generation while Google is on its first, it’s not too awful. The upcoming betas and QPRs are anticipated to include many more features.

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