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Android 14 will let you switch between apps while dragging and dropping

Apple has recently bridged the multitasking feature gap between iOS and Android and, in certain cases, has even overtaken Google’s mobile OS. Historically, Android offered more sophisticated multitasking features than iOS. For instance, iOS 16 allows you to pick up an object in one full-screen program, then use navigation motions to drop it into another app. Heck, you can drag-and-drop the dog. In contrast, Android 13 only allows you to drag and drop files across apps when they’re in split-screen mode. Fortunately, Android 14 features a fresh multitasking gimmick.

The new function on the most recent Android 14 beta version was observed by Nail Sadykov, editor of the Google News Telegram channel. Now, you may use one finger to long-press text, images, or other files, and then use the other finger to navigate the system while still holding the selected media. As a result, you may drag content from one app and drop it into another without switching to split-screen mode in either app first.

In the past, if you were hanging onto a file or utilizing the three-button navigation, the system would ignore any motions you made. With Android’s multitasking gesture, you can now slide not only between open apps but also up to access your home screen or back by swiping from the edge of the screen.

You may now drag an item from one note inside an app like Google Keep and drop it into another document inside the same app thanks to back gesture compatibility. You can drop an object into any app in your app drawer while dragging it, provided you have access to the home gesture.

Although it may seem like a little adjustment, it greatly increases the usefulness of Android’s drag-and-drop feature. Google appears to be giving multitasking features in its most recent OS version greater attention after introducing its Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet at I/O 2023. A new App Pairs system has already been identified, and an improved back gesture has greatly improved system use.

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