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Android 14 to bring useful upgrades to screen recording

Google is constantly introducing improvements and feature updates to enhance privacy features like on-device AI computation and privacy sandboxes in Android 13. However, sending a screen recording is still a hell of a thing if the notifications keep appearing while recording. Before starting the recording, a countdown is much more convenient. However, another crucial addition is being added to Android 14 that will make app recording possible to make the experience more practical and confidential.

As per the current version, you can start recording without fear of notifications not appearing while we do that. Google was spotted with Android 13 QPR1 and QPR2 in per-app screen recording development. Although we must wait till the release of Android 14 to receive these implementations,

On Android 14, you have the option to record the entire screen (the current default) or just a specific app when you begin a screen recording. The latter option gives you the option to select one of the three most recent apps. You may also swipe left or right in the carousel to see more recent apps, which Mishaal’s video does not show. If you swipe up to expand the floating card, the entire list is accessible.

When a choice is made, the app launches and the usual countdown starts. The status bar and interrupting notifications aren’t included in the finished file, as you can see in the output recording below. You probably won’t notice the notification shade pulled down to halt the recording because only the selected app is chosen to be recording.

This will not allow any notifications, whether they are private notifications or any other kind of alert, and you can record in peace. Other than that, you won’t miss any important updates or alerts during the process. This will take fewer retakes to record.