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WhatsApp will keep asking you to enter your backup password so that you don’t forget it

WhatsApp might be an ideal platform for sharing sensitive information because of its end-to-end encryption, which makes it secure in terms of not sharing sensitive information with third parties. Only a security risk was circulating in terms of cloud backups of WhatsApp that weren’t encrypted. It was fixed by Meta by securing it with a password back in September 2021. Although if you don’t alter your device frequently, you might forget this encrypted password. WhatsApp will now ask you to enter your password more often so that you don’t forget it.

As per reports via WABetaInfo, users will be provided with a 64-digit key or password after they update the app to the latest version. By getting that key, you won’t be able to use the app or turn off any encrypted backups.

This feature will constantly remind you to enter the password so that you won’t forget it. In case you forget this key, you’ll be locked out of your backup chats permanently, and you’ll not be able to access them with the help of Google or Meta. There won’t be a password option available to access your chat history.

And if you’ve already missed out on your password key, Use the option of turning off encrypted backup when the popup appears; it’ll let you re-enable the security feature with a new password. By doing it this way, you’ll lose your previous backups of chat history.

If you use a new password to encrypt your WhatsApp backup, remember it this time by storing the information in one of the top Android password managers.

The Meta-owned platform periodically displays a similar prompt in WhatsApp to provide the six-digit two-factor authentication number for your account. It is a wise choice to extend the same functionality to encrypted backups, especially considering that individuals don’t typically replace their phones daily and may eventually forget the password.

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