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Android 14 will not allow users to use custom lock screen shortcuts

Beginning in 2023, Google was first seen developing the ability to customize the Pixel lock screen. At first, it was anticipated that the functionality would be released later in the year as part of the Android 13 functionality drop. However, Google stated that Android 14 will include the feature and display lock screen customizations, including the capacity to modify the shortcuts, in all their glory during I/O 2023. More information on the customization options for lock screen shortcuts in the OS’s upcoming major release has now been provided by Mishaal Rahman.

Although lock screen shortcuts will be customizable in Android 14, it won’t let you add app shortcuts to the screen. Available shortcuts will be the QR code scanner, flashlight, video camera, notetaking, mute, wallet, camera, do not disturb, and device controls.

In Android 13, smart home controls were displayed on the bottom left of the lock screen, while on the right side of the screen, Google’s wallet was displayed. Though for a pixel series, it would display a carousel for your stored cards.

You must long-press on a shortcut to activate it. This is logical because it will stop any lock screen shortcut from being activated by a mistaken tap. Regarding the “notetaking” shortcut mentioned above, it will launch your phone’s preferred notes app. This works well with Android 14’s new AppClips API feature, which enables you to take a screenshot and have it automatically added to a note with a gesture.

The lock screen shortcut customization in Android 14 will be included in AOSP, enabling other manufacturers to offer a comparable feature on their phones. The ability to alter the lock screen shortcut is already provided by OEMs like Xiaomi and Samsung as part of their skins, though.

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