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Latest feature of Google Docs will help you remember your frequently used editing tools through placeholder text in templates

Google Docs

Google Docs is considered a word processing solution for Android, Chrome OS, and the web. Google tends to keep its Docs app updated with UI design and smart canvas improvements. The latest feature is all set to be adapted by Google Docs. The feature is named variable chips. This feature will act as a holder for your frequently used editing tools.

The tedious effort of replacing every placeholder text in the document is certainly familiar to anyone who has used templates in Word, Docs, or any other word processor. Errors could be expensive, like when you mistakenly repurpose a cover letter from a job application but fail to update the designation to match. This issue may become obsolete thanks to Google Docs’ flexible smart chips.

You can create a smart chip as a variable with any name using the new smart canvas capability. The value of the variable is altered throughout the entire document when you modify it. Therefore, you may specify a variable in your job application letter such as “company name,” and when you change the variable value to “Android Police,” the change is implemented everywhere the variable is defined.

If you need to reuse similar variables in other documents, you can make a custom building block with the feature of smart canvases by adding regularly used text styles and variable chips. This block will be available to be used across your document. Together, these two functions make it incredibly simple to create, modify, and reuse templates, especially if you frequently work with the same type of document.

Unfortunately, Google is only making some Workspace accounts—including Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Nonprofits—eligible for the launch of this functionality. This means that the smart chip feature is not available for personal Google accounts. It’s hoped that Google will stop attempting to determine for us which features are suitable for use in businesses. But we can see how this inclusion may make a Workspace membership look like a better deal for some companies.

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