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Android Auto split-screen tests a latest layout update

A major upgrade to Android Auto earlier this year brought forth some much-needed improvements. Any contemporary in-dash infotainment system will have to balance media playback and navigation responsibilities. It’s easy to see where you’re going and what’s playing at once when the screen is split vertically. Google is now developing a brand-new customization feature that gives users even more control over this interface.

Google’s redesigned split-screen user interface took a cue from Apple’s CarPlay. The media pane can now be moved closer to the driver or closer to the passenger in the split-screen arrangement thanks to a new settings option that has surfaced in the most recent beta version. The option may be found in the Android Auto settings on your phone as well as on the in-car display.

You might be tempted to attempt manually installing the most recent beta from APKMirror because the Android Auto beta programme is usually always full. You should be aware that this did not work for us and that a server-side upgrade may have caused the new customization option to appear. In the meantime, switching the driver seat location setting from left to right, or vice versa, as appropriate, has helped some individuals switch the position of the navigation and media playback.

The new configuration makes it simple enough for your passenger to manage media while the infotainment screen’s navigation may be relocated into your line of sight. We hope Google won’t limit the new option to beta testers for an extended period of time, given how handy it is.

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