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Android Auto Update To New Version Can Cause Problems

Android Auto

The search engine company Google recently released a new update for Android Auto. The new version is based on Android 11 and still seems to cause some problems. Some users report that many features no longer work after upgrading.

Some users write that streaming music can cause audio problems. In some cases, the music is no longer played through the car speakers, but rather through the cellphone speakers. Since the update to Android 11, it is no longer possible to make calls using Android Auto. Both incoming and outgoing calls are swallowed up and not shown on the display.

The smartphone could lose connection

In addition, the Google Assistant can no longer recognize contact names for many users after the update. This means that it would not be possible to reach a contact using the voice assistant even with the call function working. The new update for Android Auto ensures that the calendar app no ​​longer appears. According to Autoevolution, after the update, the car may lose its connection to the smartphone. In this case, the settings should be completely deleted and the connection established again.

Of course, the developers at Google are currently working flat out to fix the known problems. A patch should therefore be made available in the coming weeks. However, Google has not yet announced when the update with the bug fixes will be released.

In addition, it is currently unclear when Android Auto will be equipped with dual SIM support. Users of a smartphone with two SIM cards inserted do not currently have the option of starting a call directly from the car, as the active card can only be selected via the smartphone display.

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