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Android: COVID-19 Continues To Change Play Store Charts

Last month Android Police analyzed how the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we work, study, and communicate and the impact it had on apps people download. Interestingly, as people have been on lockdown for more than a month, the trends are continuing to evolve. Now they have compared the top charts from the end of February, March, and April and compiled the results below.

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Since March, Zoom has become the most freely downloaded app and remains as popular in the rankings, provided that it is commonly used by organizations to run meetings, webinars, and classes. More interestingly, Google Classroom is now in 34th position in the chart, while last month it was 5th. Microsoft Teams are now number 29, against last month’s eighth. That doesn’t automatically mean the apps are no longer used, but because a vast amount of people have already downloaded them back then to go about their day of work or school, they wouldn’t have to install them again.

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There are a few newcomers to the game, however, as Houseparty, DoorDash and Wish also made it to the top five; hinting people turn to more creative ways of keeping in touch, ordering food, and shopping. Finally, after being absent from the list for a month, Cash App just made it back to the top 10, though this might not actually be related to the pandemic.

News and food delivery apps have gained attention, as they did last month. Shop, for example, moved from being the 43rd most downloaded to the 14th. Similarly, Grubhub, Mercari and Wayfair reached the top 25 list, while at the end of February they were not even part of the 50’s.

They also found that Spotify and YouTube Music had gone down in popularity in last month’s review. Now they are back on track, becoming the 37th and 23rd most installed, respectively. SiriusXM, which wasn’t even part of the top 100, is an impressive spike and is now the 13th most downloaded app in the Play Store. That can be demonstrated simply by the decision to deliver the entire Premier streaming lineup free of charge, allowing many more people to download the app.

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