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Android Messages: Google is rolling out send text messages from desktop today

Google has reportedly started rolling out desktop browser support for Android Messages today, the rollout would let people send and view messages while sitting on their desktop PCs that they received on their Android smartphones.

Google has announced the new update is being released from today which will continue to roll out until the next week, text, stickers, images all are supported on the web, it said.

How to use Android Messages on desktop

To use Android messages on your desktop computer you first need to visit the Android Messages Website and scan the QR code using Android Messages mobile app, this will create a connection between your mobile and computer, it is somewhat similar to Allo—if you remembered it? However, that function of messages app isn’t live yet, it may not take long to appear, and then you can start messaging across the platforms.

This messaging app is the first important step in Google’s focus on web-mobile chat, the company’s implementation of Rich Communication Services (RCS) in Android Messages.

Google is now betting on the Android Messages despite being failed in the previous attempts like Allo, but Google is now curbing all efforts and investment in previous initiatives and focusing more on Android Messages which could be a potential competitor to WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger.

Android Messages is a default messaging app on many smartphones having a great potential for success. Google has also engaged many telecom carriers to back it and integrate the features like typing indicator, full-screen resolution videos, and images, read receipts and group texting) offered by RCS.

However, there is a big drawback associated with it, all the chats and conversations have no end-to-end encryption, but Google might consider it later upon its success. There are other new improved features highlighted in Android Messenger in a blog post which includes built-in GIF search, support for smart replies, link previews, and support from more carriers.

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