Android operating mobiles in Pakistan enjoys 81% of market share

ANDROID Operating Mobiles in Pakistan

With over a 100 million mobile phones in hands, Android operating mobiles in Pakistan covers 81% of the total market share.

Mobile phones have become more than a necessity. Users don’t only buy a mobile because they have to make calls or send messages. They can socialize, play games, and even can run their businesses.

And since the discovery of smartphones, the mobile usage has (perhaps) doubled than before.

According to a recent report, Google-owned Android system is more popular among others. The number of Android operating mobiles in Pakistan outscore any other.

According to this report, Android shares 81% of the total mobile-operating market. The results of the report are an extract from April 2016 to March 2017.

Not only this, Android is also gaining popularity among all devices including desktops, mobiles, and tablets. In total, Android-based operating systems contribute more than 57.68%.

Android operating mobiles and other devices aren’t only popular in Pakistan. They have a huge worldwide followership. The report claims that Android, as compared to previous years, is now the second-leading operating system with a total global market share of 37.93%.

Further, the report says that Google Chrome is the leading browser worldwide. The reasons for Google’s popularity includes its user-friendly approach and affordability.

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