Android phone repairing will get a lot safer

Sending your phone for repairs can be scary, as the repairer can get access to your private files. It is advised that your factory reset your smartphone before sending it out because of this. According to a recent analysis, it might soon be history. Soon, Android might get a native repair mode.

Before having your phone repaired, make sure it is secure. Not to scare you, but there is a possibility that you will encounter the incorrect repairman. A PIN or password is a good way to prevent intrusion, but the person fixing your equipment needs access to it to make sure it’s functioning. That is the conundrum that people are faced with.

Additionally, not everyone wants to reset their smartphone to factory settings and set it up from scratch. They will undoubtedly benefit from the repair mode.

Google is developing a native repair mode for Android

If you have a Galaxy or Pixel smartphone, you should be accustomed to this feature. Before taking your device to be fixed, you should put it in this mode. Once more, to verify that the software is functional, the repair worker requires some level of access to it. Therefore, locking your phone won’t be the best choice.

To enter repair mode, use your device’s primary security method. Your phone will get what seems to be a freshly installed Android while in repair mode. All your information will still be on your account, but it will stay inaccessible to the user. Therefore, the repairman won’t be able to access any of your personal data while working with the operating system. You will be able to turn off the mode and resume when you get your phone back.

If a manufacturer prefers to utilize their own version of the repair mode, they can disable this one. It’s a good thing Google isn’t making them use nothing but the default, then. Although this functionality is not yet available, beta testing will soon begin.

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