Here is first glimpse at Xiaomi’s latest HyperOS Android UI

Xiaomi will soon introduce HyperOS, a MIUI alternative. That was disclosed by the corporation a few days ago. Now that screenshots have been leaked, we can see Xiaomi’s future HyperOS Android UI for the first time.

A first glimpse of Xiaomi’s new HyperOS Android UI thanks to leaked screenshots

Just to be clear, MIUI will be entirely replaced with HyperOS. This is not merely a user interface for the Chinese market. It is predicted that MIUI will gradually be replaced by it everywhere. It appears that Xiaomi wants to stop using the term MIUI.

The Xiaomi 14 series, which is anticipated to be released by the end of the month, will feature HyperOS’s debut. Having said that, you can see Xiaomi’s forthcoming user interface by looking at the gallery below the post.

We can see the lock screen area and some lock screen customization in the seven screenshots that were given. The fast toggle menu and the home screen itself are displayed. The calendar app and the weather app are both displayed here. Be aware that these screenshots appear to be from the HyperOS Chinese version.

UI that is extremely similar to MIUI 14 in the leaked screenshots

Those of you who are familiar with MIUI will notice right away that there are additional possibilities for customizing the lock screen here. That is a feature that MIUI does not provide. According to a story a few days ago, iOS appears to be the inspiration for this.

For the clock, typeface, and widget choices, you can pick from a variety of templates. The home screen and control center both have a very similar appearance to what we got with MIUI 14. Even the app icons resemble those from MIUI 14 quite a bit.

A lot of what is displayed in these screenshots is like MIUI 14. It’s important to keep in mind that these screenshots were taken from an early HyperOS beta build, so the final product may differ when the Xiaomi 14 series is released. In relation to that, a leaked picture suggests that it will occur on October 31. Most likely, the global launch will take place in Q1 2024.

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