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Android QR code reader is getting more useful

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A fantastic QR code reader is already integrated into Android devices. It is constantly available when you need to scan a code. You shouldn’t really anticipate any additional functionality from it, as it is only a QR code scanner. Google, however, wants to go above and beyond expectations by including a new function. A recent rumor claims that you may add passes and health cards to Google Wallet by scanning them with the Android QR code scanner.

This is a cool feature that demonstrates Google’s desire to improve the process for adding cards to Google Wallet. We only recently learned about Wallet’s ability to add cards by scanning barcodes. For instance, you can scan the barcode of your gym membership card to add it to your wallet. You will be able to add cards to your wallet in this way that are not already on the list of pre-populated cards.

You may scan IDs with the QR code reader app for Android

Version 23.42 of the Google Play services, the most recent beta release, includes an upgrade for the Android QR code reader. Smart health cards and additional passes can be added to your wallet. When you scan a QR code in the beta version, it will recognize if it belongs to a smart health card or another type of card.

You’ll notice a tiny Google Wallet panel with an add-to-Wallet button appear from the bottom once it recognizes the type of card. The Google Wallet app will open when you hit that button, showing an image of the card you’re adding. The Add button is located at the bottom of the screen. That button will be added to your wallet as soon as you tap on it.

You now need to be running Android 13 with the most recent Google Play Services beta version installed to use this functionality, along with the necessary flags activated. You should simply wait for it to reach the stable channel if you don’t want to fiddle with the flags.