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Android users drive better than iPhone owners: Study

Choosing between Android smartphones and iPhones has become a matter of trust for many tech enthusiasts. An investigation by the US insurance intermediary shows that this has now won another arena Jerry Because this should show that Android users drive better cars than iPhone users.

Jerry’s analysts examined the data of some 20,000 drivers who together drove more than 13 million kilometers. In each of the categories (safe driving, speed, distraction, steering, braking, and acceleration), Android users outperformed iPhone users. According to the study, it doesn’t matter what gender Android users are, nor would age or education have a similar impact on the data.

Android vs iPhone: how does the result come about?

According to the research, Android users also drive better in real life than iPhone users. Alexander Moser’s study tries to explain the data but doesn’t get to a definitive point. One factor could be the emotionality of smartphone users. According to this, there were only a few Android users who felt the urge to “break the rules”. iPhone users, on the other hand, showed a higher level of emotionality. This makes them less predictable. In addition, the iPhone users in the study were on average younger than the Android users. Again, the experience of older Android users may have affected the data.