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Android users on Twitter come under security threat

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A bug that has tormented Twitter since 2014 uncovered the tweets of some Android users that were expected to be private. Twitter initially uncovered the issue on its Help Center today after evidently settling the issue on January fourteenth. The bug didn’t influence individuals utilizing Twitter on iOS or desktop.

As per Twitter, the issue happened when Android users utilizing the Twitter for Android application endeavored to change settings for them, including updating their email address. In the wake of rolling out those improvements, Twitter would impair the “Protect your Tweets” setting on the off chance that it was empowered on the profile. The issue influenced Android users who made changes to their profile between November third, 2014 and January fourteenth, 2019.

Twitter said it has contacted users who it knows has been influenced by the bug, however, the organization prescribes userswho need to keep their tweets private double check their settings to ensure the “Protect your Tweets” is empowered.

Twitter is as of now confronting heat from Ireland’s Data Protection Commission for neglecting to satisfy a demand to give following information gathered through the organization’s link shortening administration t.co. A year ago, the security experts likewise found an approach to post unapproved tweets by means of text messaging in the UK. It’s indistinct if the organization will confront comparative investigation for these security blemishes.

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