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Android will soon present the feature for screen recording a particular app

Screen recording is an excellent feature specifically when the primary target is to explain something. Screen recording features can be used in several ways. Users can utilize this feature either for recording for personal use or for any other video-sharing platform like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and others. Given the Android OS, the screen recording apps work by recording the whole screen. This is a default setup for screen recording apps on Android. The screen recording feature keeps working even if the user exits the app.

Besides this default setup, Google has come forward with an update. This update is presented with the recent Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2. The folks at 9to5Google report that currently the users are presented with an experimental UI. This latest feature enables the users to select a particular app to be recorded. The new feature prevents the recording of the whole screen. It indicates that while recording for any app, the notification tags, and other such things won’t be recorded.   

The new sheet is similar to the one presented by Android. On expanding the feed, you can view a larger list of apps. From here you can select any app for screen recording. The recent screen record feature appears as ‘Share or record an app’ on the Android 13 QPR 2 Beta 2. Clearly, the new feature showcased in Android 13 QPR 2 Beta 2 introduces more privacy specifically when someone else is recording the smartphone screen of any particular user. Furthermore, the folks at 9to5Google assume that the design for the casting feature will be similar to the older one. In this scenario, privacy will be enhanced as well.