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Android could introduce the support for eSIM transfer between two smartphones

Earlier this week, Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 was introduced to Pixel devices. As time is passing, we are learning new things about these updates. Now we have come across an amazing feature associated with this recent upgrade. According to Mishal Rahman, the new updates might be capable of transferring eSIM profiles between two Android devices. However, do note that Google hasn’t officially revealed this feature yet.

Right now, smartphones based on Android are not presented with the support for transferring eSIM profiles. Transferring an eSIM profile between two devices requires the users to deactivate the profile on the older device followed by its activation on the new device. Furthermore, for activating the eSIM profile on a new device usually requires contact with the wireless service provider. However, this feature is available on iOS devices. Given the iOS devices users are not required to contact service providers. Instead, the profile gets seamlessly transferred from one iPhone to other.

Mishal Rahman noted a new property named “euicc.seamless_transfer_enabled_in_non_qs” in the system. Breaking this name will bring you more understanding. The term euicc abbreviates for embedded universal integrated circuit card. Euicc is one of the software elements of eSIM. In addition to this, the ‘qs’ at the end represent QuckSetup. So, we can say that this system property points towards a new feature that will permit the easy transfer of eSIM profiles between two Android smartphones.

Additionally, Rahman suggests that the company could enable the conversion of a physical SIM card into an eSIM profile while switching phones. But it could be conditioned to carrier support for eSIM activation. Besides this, he predicts that this feature could be limited to fewer devices. Possibly it might be limited to Pixel devices only. Furthermore, we can anticipate that transfer of the eSIM profile might be presented on devices compatible with GMS. These could be GMS-compatible devices from other companies as well.

Since Google has not shared any official details regarding this new feature. This depicts that the feature is in the developmental phase. So, it will require some time before rolling out widely.

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