Antitrust trial revealed details of Google deal with Samsung & Apple

The antitrust trial against Google has been continuing since September 12 and is now ongoing. It is only partially public on some days since various private documents are being discussed. The antitrust trial took a new turn when it disclosed information about agreements Google struck with Samsung and Apple to maintain its position as the leading search engine.

Details of Google’s agreements with Samsung and Apple are revealed during an antitrust trial

Google’s complete dominance is a factor in this case. To show that Google broke the anti-monopoly rule, the DoJ is making this case. The business entered into several agreements with carriers, smartphone OEMs, and other parties.

Well, some new information has now surfaced. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Google used multiple strategies. Apple was brought up first. Since almost 20 years ago, Google has been the standard search engine on Apple devices.

Apple approached Google in 2007 about changing its operating system so that it might provide users with a choice of alternative search providers. As a result of what was mentioned, Google reacted by stating that, if Google Search was no longer the default option, it would discontinue awarding a revenue share to Apple. Apple essentially gave up at that point. Again, this occurred in 2007.

Apple and Google have “substantially the same” deal

It’s also intriguing to note that Apple and Google still have “substantially the same” arrangement. That is based on Apple’s Eddy Cue’s testimony. If you’re interested, we’ve already published some highlights from his testimony, such as the revelation that Apple selected Google because it was “the best.”

In any case, new information about Apple was made public. According to the WSJ, Apple first released the ‘Suggestions’ tool in 2013. This function in Apple’s Safari browser could provide substitute links for queries. Given that it has a contract with Apple that forbids such acts, Google didn’t take that kindly and informed Apple that it needed to fix that.

The decision by Samsung to make it simpler for consumers to change the default search engine in their browser, on the other hand, appears to have upset Google. Samsung turned things around after Google informed it that it had broken the terms of their contract.

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