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App for Reporting Hate Speech Launched

Ahsan Iqbal—the Interior Minister launched a mobile phone application on Monday for the public to report any kind of hate speech and extremist content online and offline. The app is available both for the Android and iOS users. It is named “Chaukas” and is developed by the National Courier Terrorism Authority (NACTA).

The application is present in the Google and Apple play stores and allows citizens to report extremist content and activities anonymously and securely whenever they find any such activities going on in their areas and on the internet.

The data and information would be shared with the FIA, police and other law-enforcement and regulatory authorities in Pakistan.

Ahsan Iqbal while speaking on the occasion said that the app would help in encountering extremism and terrorism via direct involvement of the people. He instructed the officials to take on time action on the complaints so that application could be made effective.

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The Interior Minister also inaugurated the new building of NACTA headquarters in Islamabad. He took a complete round of the newly built site and led a meeting regarding the internal security.

The meeting was attended by Commandant FC, Inspectors General Police of all provinces, many senior officials and Director General National Police Bureau.

While speaking at the meeting, Ahsan Iqbal mentioned that police and counter-terrorism departments should begin some youth internship programmes as many members of the country’s youthful population want to work in the federal institutions.

He added that stability and peace are linked with the economic prosperity and instructed the officials to make sure security is provided along the CPEC route.

Interior Minister also asked to make a terrorism screening system and to get advantages from the expertise of international security institutions via mutual collaboration and partnership.

Moreover, he also instructed the concerned authorities to provide the Safe City project to other cities. The objective of these projects is to make use of technology to make policing more accurate and to make sure that security is provided to all the residents. Number Plate Recognition, Intelligence Video Surveillance, Vehicle Management System Cameras, etc are all part of the Safe City Project. The project continues to introduce creative ideas for how the technology could be utilised for national security.

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