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App Load Times On Android 13 Might Be Faster


A good metric to measure your phone’s performance is by app load time. According to a tweet from Mishaal Rahman, Google wants to boost the app loading times for Android 13 There is some code in the software that points to a form of CPU acceleration when loading apps.

Google wants to improve the app load times in Android 13

We’ve gotten to a point where apps can load pretty quickly on modern hardware. Neither Apple nor Android phones hold an objective lead in that department. However, Google wants to further push the envelope.In a new tweet, Mishaal Rahman remarks that there are some lines of code hidden in the software that allude to CPU acceleration when an app is loading. He was only able to get a limited amount of information before the information was made private.When an app is loading, the software will tell the SoC to kick things into high gear. A new GameState API, according to the tweet, will have the app itself communicate to the SoC that it’s loading. So, it seems like while an app is loading, the software will allocate more power to that process. Ostensibly, this should increase the app load speed on Android 13.

This feature might not be for all Android 13 devices

While this does sound interesting, it might not be supported on all Android 13 devices. Google sent a patch to Pixel devices to support this feature. However, non-pixel devices that are upgrading from Android 12 to Android 13 might not be able to support this.That’s how this seems at the moment, but that could definitely change at any point. Since this is information so early on in the game, it’s hard to say anything for sure.

In Other Android 13 News: Android 13 might make scanning QR codes easier

At this point, it’s pretty easy to be able to scan QR codes on the fly. There are apps that are dedicated to doing this and there’s even integration in system apps. For instance, the Google camera app has Google Lens integration to scan QR codes.However, it seems that Google wants to further streamline this process. Based on some leaked screenshots provided by Android Police, Google might let you scan QR codes from the lock screen.The leaked screenshots show the option to scan a QR code in the notification shade. In this screenshot, however, the option is grayed out. This means that the feature isn’t enabled yet. Right now, it’s hard to say if this feature will even make it to the final release.



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