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App Store: Apple adds support for hidden apps


Apple has added a new feature to the App Store. Developers now have the option to hide their applications. The respective app can then only be installed using a link. The App Store now has two different visibility options. In many cases, developers don’t want to make their apps available to all users, but only to a select group of people. For example, a company could offer a tool that can only be used by its own employees. Since iOS only allows installations from the App Store or via TestFlight by default, such programs have been publicly visible until now. A new feature has been set up to change that. Success infographic iPhone Maker: Apple’s road to $3 trillion as Apple on its way support page announced that the App Store now supports hidden applications. Developers can upload unlisted apps that cannot be found with normal search. In addition, the applications do not appear in categories, recommendations or charts. To view and install the respective software, a direct link is required. The link can then be shared within an organization to give employees access to the hidden app.

New option not intended for beta testing

However, the iPhone manufacturer emphasizes that the new method is not intended to test beta versions of an app. For this, TestFlight must continue to be used. Programs not listed must go through the same review process as publicly viewable applications. In addition, the visibility of a hidden app cannot be changed later, so the link remains mandatory for installation. More news about Apple Apple, iOS, apps, software, App Store, downloads, Appstore, Apple App Store, programs



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