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App Store’s investigation deadline has been exceeded to May by UK regulators

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The deadline for investigation in the App Store upon the matter of app dominance is being extended from the actual deadline.

The updates on this matter were publicly announced by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) on Friday. They elaborated that this matter needs to be analyzed further and will be reviewed again. As per information from official documentation, this investigation will be wrapped up and presented in May 2023. Although it was an estimated time as elaborated by the company,

Despite these updates, there were none about why the deadline is being extended. This case was started in March 2021. The initial parameters that made this case were about the policies of Apple that create an environment of restricting competition among the applications. Over the matter, Apple ensures its cooperative behavior for investigation.

As in a statement by one of Apple’s spokespersons, the company ensures to work with UK competition and market authorities to compensate for our policies for privacy, security, and content. They further ensure to take the help in order to make their marketplace a trustworthy place for both its customers and developers.

These investigations are more focused on the fee charged by Apple for app hosting along with its requirements for app payment systems. Legal battle games with Apple are an example of it.

Since Apple doesn’t let third-party app stores on its platforms, the CMA’s investigation focuses on whether Apple has a monopoly on delivering apps on its devices in the UK.

Several other UK cases

This is merely one of the CMA’s inquiries into Apple. For instance, it began an investigation into the dominance of Apple and Google’s mobile browsers, notably with regard to mobile gaming, in November.

In a statement made public in February, Apple said that it actively encouraged the creation of cloud gaming apps rather than trying to prevent them from appearing in the App Store or its ecosystem.

Without a doubt, these remedies are targeted at broader issues with app distribution noted in the MEMS (Mobile Ecosystem Market Study) final report, for which the CMA believed that other actors or actions were better suited to solve those issues, the company said.

Regarding the CMA’s decision to continue its investigation, Apple has not made any remarks.

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