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Apple and Foxconn are successful in lobbying for softer labor regulations in India

Reportedly, Apple and Foxconn have petitioned for labor modifications in India. It was previously reported that Apple is soon going to shift its production units to India. Now a new report from Financial Times indicates that these modifications will increase the working hours of the factories. As per the information, overtime is about to get double with new lobbying.

The recent report suggests that Apple and Foxconn were the major players behind the pushes for labor changes in India. One of the most significant modifications is ‘two-shift production.’ Basically, the rule of two-shift production has been standardized in China. And now in accordance with new modifications, it will be effective in India as well.

The new rules state that the production can be carried out for two 12-hour shifts. This is a noteworthy increment in contrast to the previous limitation of nine-hour shifts per day.

Other changes include:

  • Maximum working hours per week are topped at 48 hours
  • Permissible overtime per three-month interval has risen from 75 hours to 145 hours
  • Guidelines on night-time work for women have been relieved

Of course, these modifications are part of the Apple and Foxconn investment in India. Since a report suggested that a new Foxconn plant will be soon established in the country. According to a recent Bloomberg story, Apple is reorganizing its sales team to focus more on India, particularly by giving India its own “sales area” for the first time.

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