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Apple Airpods see undefined delay

Apple Airpods

The Apple Airpods were announced in September. The company unveiled the Airpods back in their event called “See You” which scheduled the launch of Airpods by the end of October. However, later that month Apple decided to delay the shipments. It did not provide a set release date in the future for it as well. December is here now, and Apple Airpods have not made their debut in the market. It is unclear when they will be accessible to the public. This is very suspicious because Apple puts a lot of emphasis on dramatically unveiling and releasing the product to general public.

Most skeptics take this as Apple’s move to improve their airpods. Because, any mishap can greatly tarnish their reputation like the Note 7 by Samsung. It is better to launch a product late but make it without any fault than to launch a product and have to issue a return call for it.

Apple Airpods have lost market opportunity of the holiday season

iPhone 4 back in 2010 saw this delay due to manufacturing challenges, as put by Apple. The company has not released a statement justifying the reasons for delay of the Airpods. Some sources suggest that there might be an audio issue in the gadget. Normal wireless headphones receive signal from Bluetooth in one earpiece but Airpods receive it from both. This means that the frequency of reach should be similar in both. The product must reconcile and sync audio between the earpieces. The company also needs to address the issue of pairs battery death or is one piece is lost.

Do you need the Headphone by Bragi?

The delay in Apple airpods come as sad news for people who wanted to snag it as a Christmas present. However, if you’re still interested in buying wireless headphones then Solo3 and Powerbeats 3 by Beats headphones have the iPhone 7 interfacing W1 chip that would definitely work. Apple lost out on a lot of profits for their $160 per unit Airpods because people are buying wireless headphones.

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