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Apple Car Is Delayed Until 2026 with Expected Price $100,000

Apple Car

The group from Cupertino is famous and notorious for its high price policy and that will be no different from the planned or rather rumored Apple Car. Because the group’s first car is said to be available for around or “below” $100,000.

Rumors about the Apple Car have been around for many years, but concrete information is rare. The only thing that is clear is that there are plans, but that does not mean that the vehicle will ever actually be on the road. Because there have also been reports that Apple has abandoned the project in terms of hardware and only wants to focus on car software.

In 2026, the Apple Car should be on the road

Now Bloomberg wants to know new information and this means that the actual car is still in the works. This isn’t the first report to say so, so it’s safe to assume it’s true. However, there are different reports on the subject of the release date, because here it was said that it could be as far as 2024, while others spoke of 2028.

Bloomberg is now writing that “Project Titan” should be launched in 2026. A price is also mentioned because according to the well-known business portal, this should be less than $100,000. This “only” definitely has a background, because so far Apple is said to have aimed for $120,000. This would mean that Apple would level off at about the same level as Tesla. Because although Teslas can be had for under $50,000, you can get over $100,000 with a Model S and all the extras.

One can only speculate about what the Apple car will offer. At least Bloomberg knows what it won’t bring with it initially, namely autonomous driving. That would be quite significant because originally it was said that a self-driving function would be the focus and that the Apple Car would offer neither a steering wheel nor pedals.

The reason for this is that Apple has set a new priority, namely to complete the vehicle at. This means that a “less ambitious design” will be approached and self-driving or assistance functions will only be offered when driving on the motorway. Bloomberg: “Apple is currently planning to develop a vehicle that will allow the driver to do other tasks on the freeway – like watching a movie or play a game – and be warned in time to switch to manual driving when entering the city comes or bad weather prevails.”