Apple chose Google as default search engine

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Many of you are aware of the ongoing antitrust dispute between Google and the Department of Justice. Apple’s Eddy Cue was asked to testify on the most recent trial day. He reportedly claimed that Apple selected Google as the default search engine because the business believed it to be “the best” via the Verge. He claimed that Apple chooses the best option before allowing people to alter it.

According to Eddy Cue, Apple chose Google as its default search engine because it is “the best”

For those of you who don’t know, Eddy Cue is the senior vice president of Apple. He essentially justified Apple’s decision while also lending a hand to Google. He added, “Certainly there wasn’t a valid alternative to Google at the time,” saying, “I always felt like it was in Google’s best interest, and our best interest, to get a deal done.”

Additionally, he added that Apple’s web browser, Safari, has some privacy safeguards against tracking and that Apple has long believed it to have better privacy than Google. These days, the public has no access to many of the courtroom records being circulated. The trial has been mostly adjourned for days as a result.

The DoJ wants to demonstrate that Google broke anti-monopoly law

To show that Google broke the anti-monopoly rule, the DoJ is making this case. As is common knowledge at this point, Google has a variety of deals with smartphone and browser manufacturers to serve as the default search engine.

As Apple also claimed, Google maintains that everything is legal and that businesses and consumers favor their search engine because it is the best. In this action, the Department of Justice is not acting alone. A coalition of 39 US states has joined it. Recall that, according to public data sources, Google controls around 88% of the domestic (US) search industry. That’s a lot, as you can imagine. Numerous other businesses, in addition to Google, may also be impacted if the DoJ prevails. The experiment began and is anticipated to last around two months.

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