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Apple completely overrated? Market value over three trillion dollars


Apple becomes the first US company worth $3 trillion. Trading in the new year sent Apple shares to a new high of $ 182.80. Apple’s share price has tripled in less than four years. A report by The Guardian according to Apple, this week it was the first company to break a stock market value of more than three trillion dollars. According to the report, Apple is now more valuable than a number of well-known companies combined, such as Boeing, Coca-Cola, Disney, Exxon-Mobil, McDonald’s, Netflix, and Walmart. In October, the company reported quarterly earnings of $ 20.6 billion, despite ongoing problems in the supply chain. Apple is currently worth around $3 trillion, making it the most financially valuable company on the planet by market value. CEO Tim Cook, who has increased the company’s value more than tenfold since he took over from Apple founder Steve Jobs, played a significant role in this.

Success spiked

Like many other large corporations, Apple has not only received a significant boost from home offices, especially in the last months of the pandemic. The rumors surrounding the launch of Apple’s first own electric vehicle have also spurred investors. In November, after the Apple car rumor was spread, Apple’s stock value jumped $50 billion in a very short time.

Significantly overrated?

But now there are already the first analyst voices criticizing the success of belittling and Apple. The Apple share is “currently clearly overvalued”, so the strategist Paul Meeks of Independent Wealth Solutions Management in an interview with Yahoo Finance Live. In 2021 alone, Apple’s market capitalization grew by nearly $1 trillion – only Microsoft could keep up at a similar pace. In the fourth quarter, Microsoft’s market capitalization was around $2.5 trillion, so it shouldn’t be long before Microsoft crosses the $3 trillion mark.