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Volkswagen: These ID.4 versions won’t come for the time being

The chip crisis-hit Volkswagen completely: the Wolfsburg-based company had to delete some versions of the ID.4 e-car. Customers now only have a limited choice – it is unclear whether this will change anytime soon. Volkswagen has now deleted the basic version of the VW ID.4 Pure (with 52 kWh battery) with 109 kW engine. The entry-level model has been available since March 2021, but cannot currently be ordered – the background is the ongoing chip crisis in the automotive industry. As with ID.3, VW is now canceling the cheapest version of the vehicle with ID.4.

GTX canceled?

Other versions are also affected at Volkswagen. According to Inside EVs VW has completely turned the configuration options online for the ID.4 since November. Where there were initially the three versions Pure, Pro, and GTX, only Pure and Pro are currently available. The GTX has completely disappeared from the order page. What happened with the equipment also happens with the engine: Volkswagen currently only has one of the original four engines on offer.

Currently, only the ID.4 Pure with 125 kW can be ordered from 38,915 euros and the ID.4 Pro, also with 125 kW, from 44,915 euros. However, there may be changes on a daily basis. The missing or significantly limited selection is not the only problem that has arisen due to the problems with the parts supply. Volkswagen informs potential customers online about the ongoing problems as soon as they configure their new vehicle. When configuring, you now get the following message as a pop-up from Volkswagen:

Additional note

Due to current supply bottlenecks for semiconductors, which are part of numerous components of our vehicles, there may be significantly longer production times for some of our model variants.

For weeks there have been massive problems with production and production stoppages due to the ongoing delivery problems at the suppliers, including in the VW plants in Germany.

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